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Tehuty 1.0 Software Testimonials:

“The Tehuty 1.0 software gives you an authorative, thorough, clear tutorial to the Egyptian Medut-Netru. The software is easy to use and navigate.
(Egyptology Student, UK)

“Tehuty 1.0 software is a unique and invaluable compilation of resources which allows you to study the ancient Egyptian language at your own pace.  The information and resources, which include a writing function with hieroglyph fonts, dictionary, talking dictionary and grammar book are incredibly detailed and comprehensive, teaching you from the basics of  how to draw Medut Netru to understanding the history, symbolism and meaning of this sacred language.
The software has enabled me to practice writing sentences in Medut Netru using the English-Egyptian dictionary to familiarise myself with the vast range of fonts, symbols and words and to write up class notes producing printable documents written in both English and Medut Netru.  I've used Tehuty 1.0's split screen function to transcribe from a photograph and then used the Egyptian-English dictionary to translate the text into English.  This facility is amazing and leads to the possibility of anyone with this software being able to translate ancient texts, whether with documents sourced from a library or directly from a temple wall"

(United Nations Consultant, UK)

“The Tehuty 1.0 software is a monumental and quite remarkable achievement which apparently took nearly a quarter of a century to complete. Much has been written about the Egyptian language but this is a tour de force in its own right.   It is quite literally an encyclopaedia of the language and much more besides. Through the Grammar Tutor, in the sections 'The Language of Nature' and 'The Sacred Symbols of Ancient Egypt', it provides a unique insight into a language which, unlike any other, is based on forms from nature. These books contain an explanation of their symbolic meaning, so often missed previously.
It’s a joy to be able to use the Calligraphy Tutor and practise the symbols on the ‘Electronic Drawing Pad’! There are comprehensive dictionaries from Egyptian into English and English into Egyptian, containing more than 40,000 words. There is even a ‘Talking Dictionary’, divided into 10 sections, and spoken by the author, Dr. Seleem, who gives the correct pronunciation of hundreds of words. Last but not least, there is a comprehensive word-processing programme which enables you to type from texts in the ‘monumental’ script in both Egyptian and English texts.
A real treasure and not to be missed!”

(Franchise Consultant, UK)

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