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A ten-day course introducing the main aspects of the ancient Egyptian body of knowledge, designed for students who cannot attend regular weekly courses and classes in London. Course tuition, accommodation, training uniform, personalised health programme, text books and instructional DVDs are included.
Teacher: Dr. Ramses Seleem.

Studies include:-

  • Philosophy:
    The definition of philosophy; the origin of knowledge; construction of the human being; the nine bodies; co-operation of the vital powers; good and evil; the spiritual path; initiation; the art of self-development
  • Religion:
    The meaning and definition of religion; cosmogony; mythology; reincarnation and the journey of the soul; ceremonies of worship; symbolism
  • Medut-Netru (hieroglyphs):
    The symbolic nature of the Medut-Netru; the four divisions of the Medut-Netru: alphabet, syllables, picture signs, determinatives
  • Natural Medicine:
    The vital organs and their functions; the causes of disease; nutrition and healing; Em-Kheru-Khat (physical management), including skeletal adjustment, massage and acupressure techniques
  • Mathematics:
    The study of number as a means of understanding the nature of the universe and the true qualities of each individual; the definition and function of mathematics; the Pyramid of Character
  • History:
    An overview of Egyptian history, from the pre-dynastic time to the present day
  • Physical Culture:
    The Egyptian understanding of the human body is the source from which all other nations drew their comprehension of the human sciences. Students will learn some of the basics of the five main divisions: Stretching Prayers (Sesh), Breathing Prayers (Sesenti), Posture Prayers (Khentyu), Power Prayers (Usert) and Warrior Prayers (Sebek-Kha)

Next course: August, 2018.

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