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Intensive Course Testimonials:

“Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and journey through time and space to a whole different world and age.  Also, thanks so much for the hospitality and care throughout our stay.  The course was very well prepared, very well carried out, organised and managed and a very good example of reaching for perfection in every detail.  It has enhanced my desire to search and find the real truth and to spread the word of another higher and more divine meaning for all of humanity
(Intensive Course Student, Denmark)

“My experience has been life-changing.  The knowledge given has been vast and my understanding of more of it will come in time.  I feel at peace in my heart knowing this information.  This class has given me a good start with tools I can use in my soul and body and a guide through life.  PS Very well organised.  Thank you for all your sincere efforts"
(Intensive Course Student, California, USA)

“I learned a lot and enjoyed the classes very much.  It has expanded my view of life and helped my health and outlook in very positive ways.  The classes have been a treasure that I will always value and Dr. Seleem’s guidance and teaching have been inspiring to me”
(Intensive Course Student, Boston, USA)

“This experience has changed my life in a very positive way.  I have found the missing ingredient!  The material was presented in a very organised and interesting way.  Thank you for all your inspired knowledge and wisdom”
(Intensive Course Student, Texas, USA)

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