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The Sia Academy conducts a regular tour to Egypt, where students of its courses are given the opportunity to see the wonders and glories of ancient Egypt, confirm their studies and gain more insight into the subjects that they are studying. The tour is also open to members of the public who are interested in Egypt and wish to learn more. The tour provides the perfect vehicle for Dr. Seleem to impart his knowledge relating to the sciences, art and traditions of ancient Egypt. His unique knowledge and training have enabled him to throw light on matters which have been a constant source of speculation since the 19th Century, such as the purpose behind the Pyramids and Sphinx, their method of construction, the symbolism of the hieroglyphs and many other subjects, which modern scholars have not been able to explain. Through his personal experience of the tradition, you will discover the real meaning and purpose behind the ancient monuments and inscriptions, whilst enjoying the first-class accommodation and company of your fellow travellers.

The tour features a luxury Nile Cruise and visits to many sites of interest, including:-

The Pyramids at Giza – Cairo Museum – Memphis – Saqqara – Edfu – Karnak – Dendara – Philae – Luxor – and more!

For tour brochure and reservations, please call or fax
+44-20 7737 2260
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