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by Dr. Ramses Seleem
Customer Reviews and Comments:

“This is the book that I have been looking for for 20 years... This book has a universal appeal and will be invaluable for scholars and laypersons alike... I recommend this lovely book for anyone who wants to glimpse the truth about the Egyptians, without having to wade through the mire of whimsical scholarship, which so often knocks the beauty out of the very treasures it is trying to explain. Dr. Seleem here presents us with an understanding of the sacred tradition which is not based on tattered, intellectual speculation but on the evidence in the texts themselves. It is apparent that this eloquent tradition has much to teach us today, if only we open our eyes and look”
(Reader Review,

“Accompanied by fascinating commentary that places the work in historical and religious context and featuring superb computer-generated renditions of hieroglyphics from a unique program of the author's own design, this guide offers prayers, breathing meditations and other interactive techniques that draw the reader fully into the spiritual experience. 'The Egyptian Book of Life' promises to be the definitive translation of one of the most important documents ever written"
(Reader Review,

“I am currently reading [your book] and it is fantastic. Your work is really striking a cord with me”
(Reader, Murchison, New Zealand)

“With vast knowledge and deep insight, Dr. Seleem draws off the misty veils of time and takes the reader's conscience into the origin of creation, as seen through the eyes of Egyptian lore... The background information fertilises the reader's mind for the luminous seeds it is about to receive: Dr. Seleem's translation and commentary of the Papyrus of Hunefer”

“I was very impressed with this book. It was formatted in such a way that the material flowed harmoniously. It answered many questions that most of the so-called religious leaders could not answer. Thank you for all of your information and kindness”
(Reader, USA)

“Just a message of thanks for a great job of perseverance and dedication to bring forth the profound facts of the ancients”
(Reader, USA)

“I really appreciate your book. I look forward to more of your writings. Thank you for your work”
(Reader, Irving, USA)

“I have read your translation and commentary over and over again and I am so inspired! Even though I have other versions of the same title, yours is by far simply the best. Thank you so very much”
(Reader, Los Angeles, California, USA)

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